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Hungarian Musicals Fan Community

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Hungarian musicals
This community is for all fans of Hungarian musical theatre. The community is in English and so is meant to serve all international fans of Hungarian musicals. Hungarians are also the most welcome, though we request that you post in English if possible. If you want a community for discussing Hungarian musicals in Hungarian, you're welcome to create one and advertise it here, but we wanted a forum for all those international fans who can't participate in discussions in Hungarian.

You can discuss any musicals performed in Hungary, whether originally Hungarian or international, or Hungarian musical actors performing abroad. You may also discuss Hungarian operettas. This community is designed to be a forum for all kinds of discussion about Hungarian musicals, for example reviews, news about upcoming productions, discussions on actors, asking questions about anything related to the subject, asking for a translation of a song or a synopsis of a musical, speculation and "dream cast" discussion. File-sharing is also okay, as well as asking how you can find a certain recording or how you can buy tickets.

The rules are below. I think they're all stuff that should be pretty obvious anyway, but I figured it won't hurt to write them down. If you don't follow the rules, the moderators may ask you to modify what you write, or if the violation is severe enough, you may be banned from the community. I don't expect this to happen much, but it's best to be prepared. Rules may be modified any time the moderators consider it necessary.

1. Be polite. Disagreements and discussions are fine and you are the most welcome to share your opinion. But don't flame or attack others because you don't agree with what they say, and respect others having different opinions.

2. While discussing actors, directors etc. it's fine to criticise their work, but keep that criticism to their work and don't attack them personally. Also don't simply bash them without explaining at all why you think so. It doesn't have to be a detailed essay; "so-and-so's interpretation of this role doesn't work for me / I don't like their singing" is fine, "so-and-so sucks and is horrible in everything they do" is not.

3. Racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance etc. will not be accepted.

4. Try to stay on topic. Some digressions in comments are fine, but you should not make posts completely unrelated to Hungarian musicals. If you want to discuss non-Hungarian musicals, foreignmusicals is the place for that. Though if you wish to discuss Hungarian actors in other productions or compare a foreign production or actor with a Hungarian one, you can do that here. To some extent it's fine to ask things about Hungary, Budapest and the Hungarian language in general (especially if you're, say, going to Budapest to see musicals and want some tips on what to do, where to stay etc.). But if you have a lot of such questions, it's better to look for a community dedicated to that.

5. File-sharing is accepted here, as Hungarian musical recordings are often difficult to come by for foreigners without paying an awful lot, and it's nice to be able to see first if it's something you want. But all file-sharing and requests for uploads or trading MUST be placed in members-locked post. While Hungarian fans often share files publicly on their forums, as an English-language community we might be in a different position, and we don't want to risk this community getting deleted. The purpose of file-sharing is not to publicly distribute copyright-protected material, merely to offer interested members a chance of getting familiar with a production or a performer so that they can know what they want to buy.

6. Discussing and promoting fanfiction and fan art is accepted, as long as it's somehow connected to Hungarian musicals. Real person fic is also accepted. If you don't like it and someone posts it, don't read it.

7. There are no stupid questions (well, there probably are, but most of them are not). We were all newbies once, and if you're a foreigner who doesn't speak Hungarian, it's amazing how many things will be difficult to understand. So if you don't understand something, ask about it. If you do understand it, be kind towards those who ask even if you think it should be obvious.

8. Don't spam the community with advertisements unrelated to the topic. Promoting communities and websites related to musicals, Hungary, or the Hungarian language is fine.

Note on Hungarian names: The names of actors etc. can be written either in the Hungarian form (surname followed by Christian name, e.g. Dolhai Attila) or the normal European form (Christian name followed by surname, e.g. Attila Dolhai). Using nicknames is fine, but if the actor is not well known or the nickname is not obvious, please include the full name in the post as well. If you don't get the accents right, doesn't matter. None of us always do, except probably the Hungarians.

If you have any questions or suggestions, post about it in the community or contact valancystar, venefica32 or seek_shangrila, the community maintainers.