Hiya everybody. Here're two questions I'm way too shy to ask at the forum:

a) does anyone know if there's a new musical-sharing place instead of the dead Musicalzon? 

b) does anyone have an audio of Én, József Attila? Or at least know anyone who has it, any cast, but preferably with Posta Victor. I've only recorded about 2/3 of the show, sadly... We can trade, if you don't feel like sharing it for free.

Thanks in advance.
  • jwkim

Musical in Hungary

Hi. people

I am very happy to join the community.

I have question regards to musical in Hungary.

Could anybody give some information about musicals that produced in Hungary?

I am also interested with musical in other countries like Czech and Austria as well.

I wish someone could help me out~
  • cricep

Where oh where can it be...?

Hi! I'm trying to plan my next budapest excursion, and I'm going crazy because the opi's november schedule isn't up yet. Gah!!!! Planning on this short notice is really really difficult. The official thing isn't up, but do any of you guys happen to know anything? My tentative plan now is to just fly in and out of Budapest, Nov 1 - 21 probably, and then within that time, rush off some weekend to Berlin to catch vampires.

ETA:  Oooooh, Brno seems to have Jekyll&Hyde going on during the latter part of the month, so I'll probably make a day trip and do that too at some point.  
Gernot glasses

Question regarding the VB ensemble and the parts they play

Okay, this is a question addressed mostly to all the hardcore VB veterans, who've seen the show for many, many times and are familiar with the show more than any average viewer. It's not to discriminate all the others who've seen the show as well, and not as many times.

It's just that I'm looking for a person that would have a really, really good knowledge of the show and all the nuances in it, because I have a question to ask.

The question is mainly about Jenei Gábor, more specifically his performance in the show. I know that he's currently the 2nd cast Herbert and that he also plays in the ensemble. I also know that he plays one of the vampires in "Öröklét" - the one in green-red coat, long black hair and triangular hat. And that's where I want to ask my question: in "Öröklét" does he play any other vampire besides the one I mentioned?

If this question sounds confusing, please let me explain: the thing is, that for quite some time now, one of my friends have tried to convince me that
Jenei Gábor is also playing the Hussar vampire (the one in red pants, Raoul-like coat and black boots - you know, the one that dances with Herbert in "Menuett"). This happened right after this year's August run of the show.

As for me, I'm not certain... I know that actors in the ensemble can play two vampires in this particular number (like Gyuri who used to play both the vampire in pink-ish outfit with curly hair and a vampire that
Jenei Gábor is playing now). However, for the entire run, I've watched the ensemble closely and I can swear that I've seen that Jenei Gábor has only played that one particular vampire - the one in green-red clothing and triangular hat (except for the show in which he played as Herbert). I've tried to tell this to my friend, but she just keeps telling me otherwise. So I've become kind of confused...

That's why I've come here looking for help... I hope that my post doesn't sound all-too confusing... :-P

I'm sorry that I can't write the Hungarian translation of it - I only know couple of words in that language... :-(

I would really appreciate if any of you could clear this matter for me. Many, many thanks in advance!! :-))
  • cricep

VB Clip question

Wasn't there some Vampires interview or promo or something somewhere that contained a clip of the ball?  I think I remember seeing one someplace, with a really nice shot of the Bite, but now I can't find it.  Any help?