Dr. Susan Calvin (drcalvin) wrote in magyar_musicals,
Dr. Susan Calvin

Can anyone help me with the gist of this article?

Hi all!

KERO®-t nem érte váratlanul a döntés

I've tried to 'read' (=Gtranslate and pick out the words I know, not many unfortunately) this article, and I don't quite understand it. Would anyone with better Hungarian skills please give a short summary - mostly what it means for the Budapesti Operettszínház? I'm kind of worried, since I know there was state intervention in the leadership of the big opera house, but I can't figure out what's happening here and what it'll mean. That is was expected is at least good for future stability, I guess...

Thanks in advance!
Tags: director: kerényi miklós gábor, hungarian, questions, theatre: operettszínház
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