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Dolhai Attila as Death - So Good I Am Dying.

I saw Attila as Death both times this weekend.  He was good on Saturday, and AMAZING on Sunday.  Sorry to everybody who's reading this twice because it's on my LJ too, but he's so good it needs to be posted as many places as possible.  Below is an attempt to describe the awesome... but really it was so awesome it defies description.  Go see him!

His look:  The makeup issues have been corrected.  He wears very little lipstick now, not too much undereye liner, and lots of sparkles on his cheeks.  (The cheek-line of glitter, plus the lesser glitter dripping down from it.)  He looks *extremely* pretty.  I never thought I would use "pretty" to describe a non-airbrushed-Attila, but... yeah he's pretty.  The hair is really long, wavy in the back, and sits mainly behind his shoulders.  He moves really well with it.  He should wear it all the time.  The coat is really flattering on him - he should wear that all the time too.  Death is green now rather than blue.

How he moves:  Generally, inhuman and very smooth.  I'm so used to seeing Attila running with wild enthusiasm all over the stage and flailing enormously, and his Death is so smooth and controlled compared to that I can barely believe it's the same person.  The smoothness made it extra-striking the few times when Death does lose his shit and start running/spinning/diving.  You can see that he's very physical and very powerful, but it's generally leashed - which makes it all the more intimidating because you get the sense that this Death could become super-terrifying in an instant if he ever let loose.  

How he sounds:  Best-sounding Death ever.  His voice is rich and lovely when he sings out, but also incredibly pretty in the softer stuff.  It's also really expressive and there's a lot of acting in his singing.  It's also nice that his vocal awesomeness is effortless and consistent - you're never holding your breath like "uh-oh is Death going to sound good here or...?".    

Owns the stage:  From the minute he steps out in the prolog he owns the entire stage.  He stands really regal and controlling, flings everybody around with his gestures, is so striking with his looks and his voice that it's no wonder everybody is silent and rapt.  I sometimes got the sense that Szilveszter's Death could move around the underworld unnoticed if he wanted to, but this Death draws a crowd wherever he goes.

Schatten:  This was a super highlight.  There's a play-by-play on my LJ but here it is in a nutshell: Dénes's Rudolf was drawn to Death (can you blame him?!), and *still* terrified of him.  They sounded fantastic together and had great chemistry.  Death was possessive and physical with Rudolf, but you didn't get the sense that he was planning to sexually fuck him (like Máté's Death), or eat him (like Zsolt's).  He just... *wanted* him, in a grabby and greedy way.  There was so much energy to this song I couldn't breathe or sit back.  I almost headbutted the guy in the row in front of me.

I'll edit this entry to include even more gushing at some point, but that's all for now, because I have to start getting dressed for my next show.  I love being a crazed fan in Budapest  :o)
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