September 8th, 2013

Javert, Les Miserables

Fun with translations

I recently managed to acquire a Hungarian script for Elisabeth and am feeling extremely motivated to make subtitles that I can use to lure other people into Hungarian musical theatre fannishness, plus it seems like a good over-ambitious motivational learning project.

However, since I've just started studying Hungarian in uh, possibly the least efficient possible way, I'm trying out a few songs as smaller projects for personal interest and practice. A draft of the first one ("Csillagok" from Les Miz) is over here on my journal, and I'd really appreciate feedback/corrections if anyone felt like taking a look. I will probably have a few more songs (a couple versions of "Az Operett" next, probably) before I start working on Elisabeth.

Is this an acceptable place to ask for help with musical translation projects, and if so, should I save up until I have a few draft translations I'm working on or post as I go? For Elisabeth I will be working on the project with someone else, so I'm not sure yet whether we will set up a journal or work in GoogleDocs or something else.

I was also wondering if anyone knows whether there is a script for Rómeó és Júlia available somewhere. I'd really like to be able to look at the original dialogue in places.