Can anyone help me with the gist of this article?

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KERO®-t nem érte váratlanul a döntés

I've tried to 'read' (=Gtranslate and pick out the words I know, not many unfortunately) this article, and I don't quite understand it. Would anyone with better Hungarian skills please give a short summary - mostly what it means for the Budapesti Operettszínház? I'm kind of worried, since I know there was state intervention in the leadership of the big opera house, but I can't figure out what's happening here and what it'll mean. That is was expected is at least good for future stability, I guess...

Thanks in advance!
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Fun with translations

I recently managed to acquire a Hungarian script for Elisabeth and am feeling extremely motivated to make subtitles that I can use to lure other people into Hungarian musical theatre fannishness, plus it seems like a good over-ambitious motivational learning project.

However, since I've just started studying Hungarian in uh, possibly the least efficient possible way, I'm trying out a few songs as smaller projects for personal interest and practice. A draft of the first one ("Csillagok" from Les Miz) is over here on my journal, and I'd really appreciate feedback/corrections if anyone felt like taking a look. I will probably have a few more songs (a couple versions of "Az Operett" next, probably) before I start working on Elisabeth.

Is this an acceptable place to ask for help with musical translation projects, and if so, should I save up until I have a few draft translations I'm working on or post as I go? For Elisabeth I will be working on the project with someone else, so I'm not sure yet whether we will set up a journal or work in GoogleDocs or something else.

I was also wondering if anyone knows whether there is a script for Rómeó és Júlia available somewhere. I'd really like to be able to look at the original dialogue in places.
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Delurking with a lyrics request

Google has been failing me so far--does anyone know where to find lyrics for "Katedrális" (from Notre-Dame de Paris, I know there's a Hungarian translation of the song that's been performed in concerts) and "Az Operett," which Szabó Dávid and Kerényi Miklós Máté perform in concerts and which is basically ungoogleable?

I've already checked Zeneszö (and in general, if there are other good sites to look for Hungarian musical lyrics, that would be helpful!).

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Dolhai Attila as Death - So Good I Am Dying.

I saw Attila as Death both times this weekend.  He was good on Saturday, and AMAZING on Sunday.  Sorry to everybody who's reading this twice because it's on my LJ too, but he's so good it needs to be posted as many places as possible.  Below is an attempt to describe the awesome... but really it was so awesome it defies description.  Go see him!

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I'll edit this entry to include even more gushing at some point, but that's all for now, because I have to start getting dressed for my next show.  I love being a crazed fan in Budapest  :o)
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Hello!  I've been lurking on here a little while, and I thought it was time to introduce myself, so... I'm shimmerdream. 

I've never been to Hungary and I don't speak a word of Hungarian (I'm British) but, for some reason, I love Hungarian musicals.  I discovered Rómeó és Júlia via the disasterous West End production of Romeo and Juliet: The Musical.  From then on I discovered I also love songs from Rudolf, Mozart and, um, just about anything that Dolhai Attila sings.

I was hoping to leave a gift of some icons but I haven't created them yet.  I had the best of intentions though :)

Vámpírok Bálja tickets for sale.

Hello everyone,

As I won't be able to travel to Budapest, I am hoping to sell my two tickets for Vámpírok Bálja.

1 ticket for saturday 22-09-12   (Balcony row 1 left, seat 3)

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The original price was 11900ft per ticket.
If you are interested, please sent me a PM.